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Stefan Lippers-Hollmann 5c2dfd0b07 NOT RELEASED YET 8 months ago
bin fstab_generator: get DEVTYPE property as match_property seems to be broken 3 years ago
debian NOT RELEASED YET 8 months ago
man fix F.U.L.L.S.T.O.R.Y. homepage URL. 2 years ago
networking networkd-one: systemd-wait-online is not enough, check route also 3 years ago
share/fll-live-initscripts treat local repositories needed by liveapt as trusted. 8 months ago
Makefile * fll_fstab_generator: port to C program which uses libudev to 8 years ago
fll fll: parse /proc/mounts instead of mount in fll_get_mount 7 years ago