Stefan Lippers-Hollmann 4be3188b88 NOT RELEASED YET 2 years ago
bin create a migratory path so ceni can reclaim the live systems networkd interface for ifupdown reasonably cleanly 2 years ago
debian NOT RELEASED YET 2 years ago
icons use parallel building. 2 years ago
lib/Ceni udevadm output changed, need to call twice and dig mac from sysfs 2 years ago
t * Remove t/interfaces.eth0. 9 years ago
MANIFEST * Add Ceni_read_config to assist in allowing external programs an easier way 9 years ago
Makefile.PL * EXPERIMENTAL - requires internal testing. 7 years ago
README * bump standards version to 3.9.4, no changes necessary. 4 years ago
ceni.desktop add keywords entry to the XDG menu files. 3 years ago