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  Alf Gaida 5bfc9f05ca Merge branch 'typo_spelling_fixes' of extra/sshactivate into master 4 years ago
  Andreas Groß 763e4082d6 Fixed some typos and spelling 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida e3d6c1c454 commented out key removal 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida e84a9a6883 fix icons 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida cc44de3d46 renamed to sshactivate 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida 07e37763a3 back to upstream 4 years ago
  Ovidiu Angelescu e53275bbd4 modified debian/sshstart.menu for icon in fluxbox menu and pushed last uncommited changes 6 years ago
  Alf Gaida 32ccbde33d removed superflu source.lintian-override 7 years ago
  Alf Gaida 2974feb692 new copyright format 7 years ago
  Alf Gaida 4070ff19c8 * source.lintian-overides to get rid of XSBC-Original-Maintainer Warning 9 years ago
  Alf Gaida 6c8ff7d964 bump standards, refs #605 9 years ago
  Alf Gaida ea9ed79c21 debian/changelog space line 12 removed 9 years ago
  Alf Gaida e20659fcdb fixes #258 - sshstart ./debian 9 years ago
  Ferdinand Thommes 3e92bd6735 bumped version to 0.7. 9 years ago
  Ferdinand Thommes f534180405 added kuchenfreund_in to copyright 9 years ago
  Ferdinand Thommes 7961513cb6 initial push of forked sshstart with siduction icons (thxx kuchenfreund_in) 9 years ago