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  Alf Gaida 32e3eb7440 noch nen upload zur Übung - dput war kaputt 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida 711c580c73 new release 4 years ago
  musca 9a54c73a7d removed sidu-disk-center from checkupdate.py 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida 94b7fde8dd neue blaugraue icons 4 years ago
  Hendrik Lehmbruch d94262df5e bluegreyish icon 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida d3c721cacf Bump standards to 3.9.8, no changes needed 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida 001d5a12ea fix the fix 5 years ago
  Alf Gaida 1635b2dcc4 fix some fuckups 5 years ago
  hama de64fa6aff an EFI partition may be on any disk 5 years ago
  hama 46bcd9451a Careless mistakes 5 years ago
  hama 973e6a0f2e vdX is a possible device name 5 years ago
  hama f5f2923ee6 U)efi support 5 years ago
  hama cb3fe94f7e handling of free_sw_only 5 years ago
  hama dd11d7a8f0 checkbox moved 5 years ago
  hama 7cc55b8492 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.siduction.org:29418/base/sidu-installer 5 years ago
  hama ce20528cfe new checkbox: only DSFG compliant software 5 years ago
  Alf Gaida e380d59ea7 fix restart behaviour in postinst 5 years ago
  Ovidiu Angelescu 18add7ec3e added preinst to prevent package install in install mode 6 years ago
  hama 8e643fa361 wrong partition size 6 years ago
  hama af96aa53da text database updated 6 years ago
  hama d58c96f9b4 auto partitioning only in expert mode, English texts 6 years ago
  hama 5e89047315 automatic partitioning 6 years ago
  hama 57cbc7e221 Merge branch 'master' of git.siduction.org:code/sidu-installer 6 years ago
  hama a330cab49e LVM deactivated, CLI partitioning tools removed 6 years ago
  Alf Gaida 489b2cc0d6 f2fs added to filesystem-list 6 years ago
  hama 91513a6d07 new version number 6 years ago
  hama 698712d8d0 par 6 years ago
  hama 77edb8eabc expert mode, package update, mount partitions 6 years ago
  hama ca3455589e ssh default: no, reloading after partitioning 6 years ago
  hama 102f159801 lang for gparted, config db 6 years ago
  hama a7dfddea40 automatic reloading after partition editing 6 years ago
  hama e7db20a5dc each flavour needs its own entry for minsize 6 years ago
  hama 58517f72ea broken link repaired 6 years ago
  Alf Gaida 4276096186 some css changes 7 years ago
  hama ad4e847c27 new css class prewrapped (for log files) 7 years ago
  hama 680fd405bb new version number 7 years ago
  hama 0308f2896e Merge branch 'master' of git.siduction.org:code/sidu-installer 7 years ago
  hama f42918bca9 wrong url to sidu-disk-center 7 years ago
  hama c61ea83231 django modules fix from djinn 7 years ago
  hama 3122f56a0b django modules fix from djinn 7 years ago
  hama bc62fca2d9 ignoring sr0 as physical disk 7 years ago
  Alf Gaida aaa23472b3 added pywwetha as pre-dependencie 7 years ago
  hama 37aadc44eb ignoring /dev/srX, no dependency to pywwetha 7 years ago
  hama ae2df8a344 Merge branch 'master' of git.siduction.org:code/sidu-installer 7 years ago
  hama 654fedd3be sidu-base-systemd no longer exists 7 years ago
  Alf Gaida 915fee0d58 sidu-base as one package again - splitting make no sense 7 years ago
  Alf Gaida 1dc45b7055 refs #1585 - sidu-base-systemd added as alternative dependencie to sidu- 7 years ago
  Alf Gaida acd8dbb218 sidu-installer depend on sidu-base | sidu-base-systemd 7 years ago
  hama 6a7367f65a partinfo.pl: fix in the workaround 7 years ago
  hama afdd5df83a partinfo.pl: workaround for detecting physical disks 7 years ago