11 Commits (c-blues)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Torsten Wohlfarth 2243a93d78 fixes for release 2 months ago
  Torsten Wohlfarth e7c09bfbce build and upload for release of c-blues 2 months ago
  Hendrik Lehmbruch 6e5c80625a preparing 21.1 release c-blues 2 months ago
  Alf Gaida 9a8a2ad0d5 release 18.3 2 years ago
  Alf Gaida 74e68d5f80 release 18.2 3 years ago
  Alf Gaida 284f5fb8e6 release branding 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida fc2d7bd4f3 Drop postrm - not longer needed and harmful 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida 4e1ac40882 the release is near 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida 70bf7b3a6f enhance descriptions 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida 022680e768 remove senseless options 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida d74c504d81 first bootstrap 4 years ago