108 Commits (master)

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  Alf Gaida 15f07eb22d usr-merge handling 2 years ago
  Alf Gaida 3c1558f66c Synced with upstream and prepared usr-merge 2 years ago
  Alf Gaida b8d29cf036 Removed recommendation sidu-installer 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida 30c5aba1ee provide a possible theme 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida 0acbba1812 Some installer fixes for KDE 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida 48a66cdde2 Fix KDE PIM and akonadi installation on target system 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida c53230bfff some minor fixes 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida 8288f5a482 remove fll-live-initscripts version - not needed anymore 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida 972f229df9 new release, mentioned former committers 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida 28180db497 go with upstream, leave only important changes from ourself 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida 657af1347d vmrs -> vrms 5 years ago
  Alf Gaida e19dd698a9 purge live only extended 5 years ago
  hama 87ba8ccd2b unhandled conflict markers 5 years ago
  hama 37debce487 wrong version number (we have 2016) 5 years ago
  hama ca73edea34 removing non DSFG compliant packages 5 years ago
  Alf Gaida 0adda8ed06 remove *-livesettings packages 5 years ago
  Alf Gaida dce490ce51 move the latest installer to unstable 6 years ago
  Alf Gaida f6d921ab18 merge latest changes 6 years ago
  Alf Gaida 463029ce9a try to fix update-initramfs 6 years ago
  Alf Gaida b789ab4e1d lastest changes from fullstory 6 years ago
  Alf Gaida a1f15e3d02 [ Angelescu Ovidiu ] 6 years ago
  Ovidiu Angelescu d34de6b9b8 changed fix_home_on_HD.bm for reenabling autotmount and automount-open in installed mode for gnome, mate and cinnamon 6 years ago
  Alf Gaida 29a297b613 purge gfxboot as live only, fixes #1490 7 years ago
  Alf Gaida 7f316fc499 refs #1485 - remove syslinux* from installed systems 7 years ago
  Alf Gaida ce252f2ee4 refs #1474 7 years ago
  J. Hamatoma 0eec0c8cda browser cache cleared for midory and quzilla 7 years ago
  J. Hamatoma e5b8a54bd7 removing browser cache 7 years ago
  Alf Gaida 34fbbbf90a solve problems with purging live-packages closes #1446 7 years ago
  Alf Gaida 85034c2e70 some changes - typos removed in purging and fugly whitespace fixed 7 years ago
  Alf Gaida 4e9b51903b changed standards to 3.9.5 7 years ago
  Alf Gaida 643887d7dd refs #1429 #1430 7 years ago
  Alf Gaida 04cd03ad4f closes #1370 7 years ago
  Ovidiu Angelescu 11a1af6ac0 fixed purge_live_only_stuff.bm to properly purge siduction-live-settings* 7 years ago
  Alf Gaida fe8bdddcd0 rebuild refs #1241 8 years ago
  Ovidiu Angelescu d323ff930d added to purge_live_only_stuff.bm siduction-live-settings-cinnamon 8 years ago
  Alf Gaida e337011a6f rebuild closes #1181 8 years ago
  J. Hamatoma f78c1b2977 sidu-boot and sidu-boot-one-time 8 years ago
  Alf Gaida ccef2f3b28 rebuild closes #1142 8 years ago
  Ovidiu Angelescu e77273928c updated modules/backend/purge_live_only_stuff.bm to purge all siduction-live-settings- 8 years ago
  Alf Gaida 8f074d3432 rebuild 8 years ago
  Ovidiu Angelescu c5a73a7023 fixed two typos purge_live_stuff_only.bm 8 years ago
  Ovidiu Angelescu b21656e6df changes to modules/backend/purge_live_only_stuff.bm due to a miss 8 years ago
  Ovidiu Angelescu 78eb35aee4 gnome changes for transition from desktop-defaults to siduction-settings 8 years ago
  Alf Gaida c4f97d2fe2 * hopefully fixed the bad grub-install behavior 8 years ago
  Alf Gaida a6e968486a fixing copyright informations 8 years ago
  Alf Gaida b216a54351 * add some debugging code (redirect stdout and stderr to file) 8 years ago
  Alf Gaida ce4a0da4e6 ill minded fixing of grub-install 8 years ago
  Alf Gaida 505b9928c6 verbose grub say 8 years ago
  Alf Gaida dd62ddcc67 misc changes 8 years ago
  Alf Gaida 5f78731ae4 rebuild closes #1075 8 years ago