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  Alf Gaida 471aa7ff0f Test /usr/bin/setupcon and execute it 2 years ago
  Alf Gaida fad5e3bedd remove some versions from dependencies - pure history, must work without 4 years ago
  Alf Gaida 7a2b4845fa refs #1474 7 years ago
  Alf Gaida 112cef4176 refs #1474 7 years ago
  Alf Gaida cdd737fd8c some changes in debian/$foo refs #1103 8 years ago
  Alf Gaida 79b8bb61d5 rebuild closes #1074 8 years ago
  Ovidiu Angelescu 77c0f1e462 moved code for detect available partitions to fix #904 nox/cli-installer update partitions after fdisk 8 years ago
  Alf Gaida ba454eee0e closes #845 8 years ago
  Sebastian Görgen 37ce1fd14b refs #845, add parted as possible partitioning tool 8 years ago
  Sebastian Görgen 83cda549c7 Generate man page for cli-installer fixes #832 8 years ago
  Alf Gaida f3b254ea5b typo 8 years ago
  Alf Gaida d383cace41 some debian foo, closes #831 8 years ago
  Angelescu Ovidiu 7ff51cd279 fixed changelog, added missing > in COPYRIGHT and removed automount-popup 8 years ago
  Sebastian Görgen 3facdef9f6 Create cli-installer Package, refs #829 8 years ago
  Alf Gaida 126bd19a0b initial commit 8 years ago