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<p>The flavors we offer for siduction 2021.1.0 are KDE Plasma 5.20.5, LXQt 0.16.0-1, Cinnamon 4.8.6, Xfce 4.16, Lxde 10, Xorg and noX. GNOME and MATE did not make it this time. They might be back at some point or not. Of course, they are still installable from the repository.</p>

<p>The released images are a snapshot of Debian unstable, that also goes by the name of Sid, from 2021-02-14. They are enhanced with some useful packages and scripts, an installer based on Calamares and a custom patched version of the Linux kernel 5.10.16, Systemd is at 247.3.</p>

<h3>Plasma at the helm</h3>
<p>Plasma is still our main offering, and it has made amazing progress over the past year. We have it staffed with the latest additions that will hit with Plasma 5.21 in a couple of days, like the new <em>system monitor</em> that will be the successor to <em>ksysguard</em> and the Conference Companion <em>Kongress</em>. Also, years in the making, finally there is <em>kio-fuse</em>. </p>

<p>The latter allows you to mount remote directories into the root hierarchy of your local file system, thereby exposing KDE's access capabilities like SSH, SAMBA/Windows, FTP, TAR/GZip/BZip2, WebDav and others to POSIX-compliant applications such as Firefox, LibreOffice, GNOME apps, shell utilities and more. Quite the handy tool.</p>
<h3>iNet Wireless Daemon</h3>

<p>The Xorg and noX flavors come with a new tool to connect your wireless devices. Intels <em><a href="">iNet wireless daemon</a></em> (<em>iwd</em>) sends WPA-Supplicant into well-earned retirement. Ten times smaller and a lot faster, <em>iwd</em> will be the successor. Further information can be found in the <em><a href="">Arch Linux wiki</a></em>.</p>