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Project Description Owner Last Change
code/andromeda.git A cross-platform file manager... 2 years ago
code/apt-conf-siduction.git siduction defaults for apt 6 weeks ago
code/b43-asm.git assembler and disassembler... 11 months ago
code/bluewater-manual.git Siduction Bluewater Manual 3 weeks ago
code/boot-repair.git Graphical tool to repair boot... 11 months ago
code/bsc.git two-panel qt file manager 2 years ago
code/ceni.git Curses interface to /etc/netwo... 17 months ago
code/cinnamon-backgrounds.git Set of backgrounds packaged... 3 weeks ago
code/cli-installer.git cli-installer for siduction 8 months ago
code/configure-cups.git Minimalistic cups configuratio... 17 months ago
code/creativecommons3.git Creative Commons 3.0 Plain... 17 months ago
code/deadbeef.git ultimate music player for... 23 months ago
code/desktop-defaults.git common user presets for variou... 16 months ago
code/dput-siduction.git dput-siduction 2 months ago
code/enki.git a programmers editor No commits
code/faenza-icon-theme.git faenza-icon-theme 2 years ago
code/feh.git imlib2 based image viewer 11 months ago
code/fll-installer.git backend scripts to install... 9 days ago
code/fll-live-initramfs.git fll live media initramfs glue 9 days ago
code/fll-live-initscripts.git fll live media sysv initscripts 12 hours ago
code/gfxboot-themes-siduction-attic.git the siduction gfx-boot-theme... 11 months ago
code/gfxboot-themes-siduction.git the siduction gfx-boot-theme 12 days ago
code/glade2script.git Glade interface engine for... 11 months ago
code/grub2-fll-fromiso.git grub2-fll-fromiso 12 days ago
code/hexchat.git IRC client for X similar to... 4 weeks ago
code/install-usb-gui.git gui for fll-iso2usb 17 months ago
code/inxi.git System info script for irc 3 weeks ago
code/isobuilder.git pyfll build and publishing... 6 months ago
code/juffed.git Lightweight yet powerful Qt4... 5 weeks ago
code/kde-l10n.git Localization files for KDE 4 months ago
code/kdepim-runtime.git Runtime components for Akonadi KDE 3 months ago
code/kdepim.git Personal Information Managemen... 3 months ago
code/kdepimlibs.git KDE Development Platform PIM... 3 months ago
code/kernel-remover.git Tool for the removal of the... 2 years ago
code/kvirc.git KDE-based next generation... 15 months ago
code/libjreen.git 2 years ago
code/linux-siduction-exp.git Linux image for siduction... 20 months ago
code/linux-siduction.git Linux image for siduction... 113 min ago
code/linuxlex-icon-theme.git A nice icon theme for xfce... 2 years ago
code/midori.git fast, lightweight graphical... 5 weeks ago
code/nano.git small, friendly text editor... 11 months ago
code/nomacs.git image viewer with capability... 4 months ago
code/nuts.git Network UTility (substitute... 2 years ago
code/openfwwf.git Open firmware for Broadcom... 2 years ago
code/pbuilder-scripts.git Siduction scripting for pbuilder 4 weeks ago
code/pdfviewer.git This is a simple program for... 6 months ago
code/plank.git Elegant, simple, clean dock 5 weeks ago
code/pragha.git Lightweight GTK+ Music Player 2 years ago
code/ptbatterysystemtray.git todo 2 years ago
code/pyfll.git Siduction Buildsystem 40 hours ago
code/python-fll.git Siduction Buildsystem 13 months ago
code/pywwetha.git A simple webserver for static... 5 months ago
code/pyygle.git small search engine for text... 8 months ago
code/qlipper.git Lightweight and cross-platform... 5 weeks ago
code/qmmp.git feature-rich audio player... 23 months ago
code/qterminal.git qterminal 3 months ago
code/qtermwidget.git qtermwidget 2 months ago
code/qtfm.git qtFM is a small, lightweight... 7 months ago
code/quassel.git distributed IRC client 10 months ago
code/qupzilla.git qupzilla 5 weeks ago
code/qutim.git lightweight, fast and friendly... 14 months ago
code/qxkb.git The keypad switch written... 4 months ago
code/razorqt.git Razor-qt desktop environment 10 months ago
code/screengrab.git ScreenGrab is a crossplatform... 2 months ago
code/setpassword.git sets password for live user 2 years ago
code/sharpdot-cursor-theme.git nice X11 cursor theme 17 months ago
code/shutter.git feature-rich screenshot program 2 years ago
code/sidu-base.git siduction base GUI toolkit 11 days ago
code/sidu-disk-center.git siduction disk utilities 5 months ago
code/sidu-disk-center2.git siduction disk center (written... 12 months ago
code/sidu-installer.git Browserbased installation... 6 weeks ago
code/sidu-installer2.git Browserbased installation... 11 months ago
code/sidu-manual.git siduction manual 11 days ago
code/siduction-archive-keyring.git GnuPG archive keys of the... 17 months ago
code/siduction-art-attic.git The attic of siduction art 17 months ago
code/siduction-art-foo.git The art of siduction 10 days ago
code/siduction-bug-report.git Siduction bug reporting to... 22 months ago
code/siduction-dev-pack.git Siduction developer packages... 11 months ago
code/siduction-dm.git Destopmanager Settings Siduction 15 months ago
code/siduction-dynamic-dms.git Dynamic Resolutions for X 4 weeks ago
code/siduction-grub-config.git Siduction Settings for grub2 14 months ago
code/siduction-icons.git Siduction Icons for multiple... 22 months ago
code/siduction-irc.git Start a suitable IRC client... 8 months ago
code/siduction-live-settings.git provide settings for siduction DEs 15 months ago
code/siduction-meta-xdebian.git Metapackage for Siduction... 3 weeks ago
code/siduction-meta-xorg.git Metapackage for the Siduction... 6 weeks ago
code/siduction-meta-xsiduction.git Metapackage for Siduction... 8 months ago
code/siduction-scripts.git miscellaneous scripts for... 13 hours ago
code/siduction-settings-conky.git settings, theme and autostart... 5 weeks ago
code/siduction-settings-plank.git settings, theme and autostart... 5 weeks ago
code/siduction-settings-xorg.git temp repo for siduction-xorg... 15 months ago
code/siduction-settings.git provide settings for siduction DEs 8 days ago
code/siguibui.git siduction gui builder 11 days ago
code/sshstart.git set ssh passwords 8 months ago
code/udev-config-siduction.git custom udev configurations... 8 months ago
code/vokoscreen.git easy to use screencast creator 16 months ago
code/wbar-siduction.git light and fast launch bar 18 months ago
code/wbar-themes.git desktop-environment themes... 10 months ago
code/xdg-browser-launcher.git abstraction for generic x... 8 months ago
code/xfce4-eyes-plugin.git eyes for xfce panel 18 months ago
code/xfce4-soundmenu-plugin.git 22 months ago
code/xnoise.git media player for Gtk+ 2 months ago
debs/compton-conf.git compton-conf 7 weeks ago
debs/libfm.git file management support (core... 2 weeks ago
debs/lxqt-common.git lxqt-common 3 weeks ago
debs/lxqt-config.git lxqt-config 2 weeks ago
debs/pcmanfm-qt.git extremely fast and lightweight... 2 weeks ago
debs/pcmanfm.git extremely fast and lightweight... 3 weeks ago
fullstory/aptosid-art-meta.git aptosid-art-meta 16 months ago
fullstory/aptosid-irc.git aptosid-irc 20 months ago
fullstory/aptosid-scripts.git aptosid-scripts 19 months ago
fullstory/aptosid-settings-kde.git aptosid-settings-kde 11 months ago
fullstory/aptosid-settings-lxde.git aptosid-settings-lxde 2 years ago
fullstory/aptosid-settings-xfce.git aptosid-settings-xfce 20 months ago
fullstory/ar5523.git ar5523 17 months ago
fullstory/b43-asm.git b43-asm 15 months ago
fullstory/ceni.git ceni 20 months ago
fullstory/desktop-defaults.git desktop-defaults 10 months ago
fullstory/fll-builder.git fll-builder 6 years ago
fullstory/fll-installer.git fll-installer 7 months ago
fullstory/fll-live-initramfs.git fll-live-initramfs 6 months ago
fullstory/fll-live-initscripts.git fll-live-initscripts 6 months ago
fullstory/gfxboot-themes-aptosid.git gfxboot-themes-aptosid 11 months ago
fullstory/grub2-fll-fromiso.git grub2-fll-fromiso 17 months ago
fullstory/install-gui.git install-gui 7 months ago
fullstory/install-usb-gui.git install-usb-gui 15 months ago
fullstory/kernel-remover.git kernel-remover 15 months ago
fullstory/linux-aptosid.git linux-aptosid 5 months ago
fullstory/openfwwf.git openfwwf 15 months ago
fullstory/pyfll.git pyfll 5 months ago
fullstory/python-fll.git python-fll 10 months ago
fullstory/setpassword.git setpassword 20 months ago
fullstory/sshstart.git sshstart 20 months ago
fullstory/udev-config-aptosid.git udev-config-aptosid 20 months ago
kde-sc/kde-wallpapers.git kde-wallpapers packaging No commits
sandbox/sandbox-siduction.git Die offizielle Siduction-Sandbox 11 days ago
siduction/artwork-siduction.git 3 weeks ago
siduction/snippets-siduction.git 2 years ago
website/eu.4sid.git Content Network Siduction 2 years ago
website/gallery-pictures.git Pictures for org-siduction... 2 months ago
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